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A contemporary romance in the Marriage of Convenience Series (Book 1), The Arrangement tells the story of Decon and Ashlyn.
“She’s got everything under control. He always gets what he wants. What happens when he makes an offer she can’t refuse?”
A Young Adult Paranormal, Watchers follows Mackenzie as she struggles with high school and her newfound powers.
“At 17, Mackenzie Keightley is just trying to survive high school and figure out what she wants to do with her life. When the Watchers come crashing in, she realizes the monsters from her past never really left.”
A Christian Romance.
Libby Montgomery returns to Liberty Lake Montana with her son, leaving her husband behind. Trying to recover from his abuse, she meets an old friend, Jake Owens. Can he teach her how to love again and grow in her faith?
A contemporary romance in the Marriage of Convenience Series (Book 2), The Proposal tells the story of Benton and Andrea.
“He’s silent and deadly. She’s quiet and reserved. What happens when circumstance forces them to face their electric chemistry?”
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“The Clock”
Left alone with her mother after her father’s funeral, a young woman confronts their relationship. Published in the June 2015 edition of A Long Story Short.
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A short story about letting go after being assaulted. This can be a triggering story, so please be careful about reading this if you have trauma.
Published in the April 2015 edition of A Long Story Short.

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