Works in Progress

Faith. Family. Life. Write.

These are all of Jennifer’s works in progress. Her current focus is on Christian Romance, specifically a small town in Montana known as Liberty Lake. Three strong women form unbreakable friendships and learn what love, faith and life is all about.

Loving Amy

A Christian Romance that follows the story of Amy and Caden.

Amy made the mistake of leaving Liberty Lake, Montana once. Four years ago, she came home with nothing but a suitcase full of clothing and dreams. Despite being a thriving business owner, Amy is running from a past she cannot shake. Caden is healing from a hurt that keeps his heart under wraps. As Caden restores his faith in God, can these two realize the perfect love has been there all along?

Taming Evan

A Christian Romance that follows the story of Evan and Bennett.

Evan loves Liberty Lake and her mechanic business with Caden. Her difficult childhood forced her to put up an abrasive front that hides a tender heart. As the town lawyer, Bennett loves the people of Liberty Lake and will defend them at all cost. Can Evan recover her faith in God and learn to love a man she thinks she cannot trust?

“Skillful writing in the first books of a new author suggests Jennifer Lewis has a strong start in her chosen field.”

Grady Harp, Amazon Reviewer

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